Voodoo Terror Tribe
Voodoo Terror Tribe
GIL PZ - Vocals & Sampling
EMiR ERKAL - Guitars & Synths
T-BONE - Drums

Genre: Industrial / Alternative / Metal

Formed in New Jersey, USA by Emir Erkal on guitars (an Istanbul, Turkey native, moved to USA in order to take his musical career to the next level) and longtime friend T-Bone on drums, the duo soon brought in Primer on bass and topped off this new up and coming alt-metal band with the masterfully vocalized emotional poetry by vocalist Gil PZ…

…At any rate, Voodoo Terror Tribe soon enough found itself at Jam Room Studios in New Jersey with to record their debut EP “Mandala”, which they self-released in July 2005 before throwing themselves upon the NJ club circuit. Two years later the guys recorded their full-length “Alone In Pain” at Audio Garden Studios (NJ) with recording engineer Tom DeKorte, which was released in September 2007. In late 2008 the band was joined by Gil PZ, a seasoned metal vocalist of California native, who recently relocated from Texas, having worked with bands such as Phonetica and Deviltry. Around Christmas of the same year the band started intense periods of song-writing, jumping into Audio Garden Studios in January 2009 to record the first two songs, in between a busy gigging schedule with shows up and down the Northeast Coast. In May and June, they spent time with producer Billy Graziadei (Biohazard / Suicide City) at his Underground Sound Studios and they blazed out of the studio in mid2009 armed with a furiously precise new album aptly entitled “Symptoms of Sin”. With Billy Graziadei at the producer’s reigns, Voodoo Terror Tribe showcased their talent by creating a satisfying and unpredictable album that shows the band has something to prove. Plus they shot a self-funded video for the album’s debut track, “The Victim” all in a matter of self-motivated months…With something more to prove than just being friends with a big name in the metal community, Voodoo Terror Tribe had a busy 2009 and 2010 cut out for the quartet, doing shows with Biohazard, W.A.S.P., LA Guns, The Rods, Spread Eagle and touring mid-west and southern states in USA, before working on the new material…

In the summer of 2011, VTT went back into the studio to record the next 5 song EP “Stands To Reason”. This time the band decided to produce it themselves. Using the advice and criticism of Kevin Antressian, the engineer and owner of Backroom Studios in Rockaway, NJ, they were able to morph their style into a more industrial, techno, alternative feel. In November 2011, VTT released “Stands to Reason” and the band toured in support of “Stands To Reason” throughout 2012, covering new ground where they have never toured before...

It was just a matter of time before all of VTT fans realized that the newer material was exactly where the band needed to be as far as a committed style... And VTT entered the studio once again in early 2013 with Kevin Antreassian at Backroom Studios and laid down tracks for another EP entitled “A Walk in Hell” and were ready to take a greater and longer "walk" this time... and they did!

The charismatic guitar demon and true force behind the band, Emir explains Voodoo Terror Tribe’s newest approach and sound; “We know the scene, and the scene knows us, but we’re coming at this in full force in a new way with a new sound.” "It feels like the culmination of what we've been doing for a long time as Voodoo Terror Tribe: power grooves, crushing guitars, catchy, but dark melodies, but taken to a new level," bassist Primer adds, "it's a natural progression, but different than anything on the previous records.” Voodoo Terror Tribe’s melodic-while-still-heavy, radio-ready-but-still-metal sound rides of the shoulders of the vocalist Gil Pz’s definition of what the band should be: “Voodoo Terror Tribe doesn’t bolster a false pretense of originality,” he says. “We worry about the songs being good first; originality comes second.”

‘A Walk in Hell’ EP was released in early 2014 and then later same year ‘BloodSoaked’ video was premiered on Revolver Magazine and got great feedback and took the band to a new level and stage show.

In 2016, after completing a successful tour with ILL NINO, as part of their ‘15 Years of Revolution’ Anniversary Tour in U.S.A., Voodoo Terror Tribe have signed to EMP Label Group (owned by the prestigious David Ellefson of Megadeth and run by the great A&R Director Thom Hazaert) and released their new full length album 'The Sun Shining Cold' (produced by Ill Niño vocalist Christian Machadoin) in Jan 2018.

Hailing from the Garden State of New Jersey and dedication to a melodically heavy brand of music, Voodoo Terror Tribe has high hopes for the near future. "We poured everything that we had and everything that we have become into our new sound and songs,” drummer T-Bone continues. “It was meticulous, grueling, stressful and insightful, but we found a new sound. It's been quite a long road, and now we wanna prove to the fans that it's all been worth it."

With the new album "The Sun Shining Cold", that’s exactly what VTT has set out to do, including an upcoming time on the road and in venues, including some exciting things behind the scenes that will soon come to fruition. This is a torturous adventure into the unknown which you will be incredibly impressed with and it's all for your pleasure...

'If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst at once into the sky, that would be like the splendor of the next VTT release. Now we have become Death, the destroyer of worlds…!'