Killer Dwarfs
Killer Dwarfs

Genre: Hard Rock

The original members of Killer Dwarfs were vocalist Russ Graham (Russ Dwarf), guitarist Bryce Trewin (Bryce Dwarf), drummer Darrell Millar (Darrell Dwarf), and bassist Ange Fodero (Ange Dwarf). Trewin and Fodero left the band following the release of their self-titled debut album in 1983, feeling that the band was stuck in neutral. They were replaced by guitarist Michael Hall (Mike Dwarf) and bassist Ronald Mayer (Ronald "Bad Ronbo" Dwarf). Though Killer Dwarfs fared poorly commercially, it spawned the single "Heavy Metal Breakdown", which received airplay on MuchMusic.

The band released Stand Tall in 1986 on indie label Maze/A&M in Canada and Grudge Records in the USA. New guitarist Hall quickly emerged as the band's new creative leader, writing all of Stand Tall's ten tracks. MuchMusic's new Pepsi Power Hour provided substantial airplay for the single "Stand Tall (Stick to Your Guns)" in Canada, while MTV provided some American exposure for the band. With the addition of national tours of the United States, the exposure got the band noticed, which eventually led them to signing with major label Epic Records.

In 1988, the band released its first album on the Epic label entitled Big Deal, which featured the breakthrough single "We Stand Alone". That year the band opened for headliners Iron Maiden on their Seventh Tour of a Seventh Tour in England. In 1990, they released Dirty Weapons, which saw the band take a somewhat more serious approach to how they presented themselves. Guitarist and chief songwriter Mike Hall left the band prior to 1992's Method to the Madness, replaced by Gerry Finn (Gerry Dwarf). With their most successful days behind them, they were dropped by Epic.

The band's "classic" Stand Tall era lineup reunited in 2001 for a tour and a subsequent live album entitled Reunion of Scribes: Live 2001, which was released in 2002. Bassist Mayer left the band in 2003 and was replaced by ex-Sass Jordan bassist Stan Miczek, who adopted the Killer Dwarfs' nickname Smokin' Stan Dwarf. Michael Hall later formed the band Balls Deep with former Harem Scarem drummer Darren Smith and bassist Stan Miczek. Vocalist Russ Graham joined Canadian band Moxy from 2008 to 2009