Born on Easter of 1980, Malfunkshun became the most influential of the

Seattle bands that would dominate the charts of the early 90s.

The talents of Kevin Wood, guitar and founder of the band, Andrew Wood,

bass and vocals, and Regan Hagar, drums would form the nucleus from

1980 to 1988.

Their flamboyantly avante guard live show will always be remembered in

Seattle rock history. Kevin, with his speedy guitar riffing and over the

top comping would go on to influence the likes of Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Soundgarden. Andrew, aka 'Landrew the love God', would wow the fans with his

bulldozer bass lines and searing vocal melodies. And Regan Hagar, aka

'Thundar', would beat the drums with out mercy until his knuckles bled.

Malfunkshun was known as Seattle's loudest rock band.

In 1984 the self released 'Furz and Buds not Leather and Studs' defined

Malfunkshun as an alternative to the Metal Revival with a slogan of Love

Rock and the 333 numerology.

In 1985 Malfunkshun was featured on the Deep Six Compilation with other

main stream acts of the day such as Sound Garden and Green River.

In 1987 Another Pyrrhic Victory album came out with a line up very

similar to Deep Six.

Malfunkshun took a Hiatus in 1988 when Landrew joined 'Perl Jam', aka

'Mother Love Bone'. Although Malfunkshun was not officially disbanded

it would never play again with Landrew at the helm.

In 1993 Malfunkshun, 'Back to Olympus' was released on 'Loose Grove

records'. Originally recorded in 1987 it was finally available to the


Kevin, busy with his band 'Devil Head' from would from time

to time release Malfunkshun tapes and Cds as well as singles on his

'wammybox records' label. These would include 'Greeks Bearing Gifts' and

a remakes of the Infamous 'Smegma Hound' and 'Scatman Blues'.

In 2004, Malfunkshun reformed for a recording. Featuring Greg Gilmore on

Drums, Brian Wood on Vocals. The recording was ground breaking in that

it included some unreleased Malfunkshun songs that eclipsed in impact

the Loose Groove release. The Cd entitled 'Malfunkshun Soundtrack' was

to be featured on the release of the film documentary 'Malfunkshun'.

Later that year Malfunkshun was invited to play in Milan Italy at a

Seattle tribute show. Fans sang along with favorite Malfunkshun songs

and amazed everybody with their enthusiasm.

In 2005 Malfunkshun returned to the stage for the premier of the

Documentary with Stone Gossard, Regan Hagar and Shawn Smith in the line

up. The show was a complete sell out. Members of Soundgarden and Pearl

Jam attended and gave their support.

Early in 2006 Malfunkshun played in Milan Italy once again to a sell out

crowd. The band featured Shawn Smith on vocals and Regan Hagar on drums.

In 2007 Classic Rock Magazine featured Kevin Wood and chronicled the new

band line up its recording which was released as the 'Monument' on

'wammybox records'.

June 2010, Malfunkshun embarks on the 'Love Rock at the Hard Rock' tour.

The line up includes Tom Mick on vocals, Steve Fournier on drums and Rob

Day on Bass. The tour features a screening of the Malfunkshun

Documentary and is booked in the Hard Rock Cafe franchise.

In 2011 long time fan and ace vocalist, Jeff Loftis came to light as the

new voice for Malfunkshun. His and Kevin's remake of 'Jezebel Woman'

received rave reviews.