WRATH caught the metal community’s attention with the self-released six song demo, CHILDREN OF THE WICKED in 1985. Local metal label King Klassic Records signed the band and quickly released FIT OF ANGER in 1986. The album made a splash world-wide, garnering the attention of Enigma/Capitol Records and their new metal affiliate, Medusa Records. In 1987, WRATH signed with Medusa/Enigma, and recorded NOTHING TO FEAR with guitar legend RONNIE MONTROSE producing. The band hit the road, touring with bands such as DEATH, DR. KNOW, TESTAMENT, RAVEN, and OVERKILL. The success of NOTHING TO FEAR prompted Medusa to re-release FIT OF ANGER with bonus tracks. In ‘89 the band also contributed a song (When Worlds Collide) to LEATHERFACE – TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE III original motion picture soundtrack.

In 1990, after some lineup changes, INSANE SOCIETY was recorded with label honcho Ron Goudie producing. With the title track INSANE SOCIETY and TEST OF FAITH videos in regular rotation on MTV’s original Head banger’s Ball, tour stops with PANTERA, DARK ANGEL, DEATH ANGEL, FORBIDDEN, and WRATHCHILD AMERICA ensued, solidifying the band’s live show. Around the mid 90’s, WRATH found themselves in the middle of a climate shifting away from thrash and metal in general, and hunkered down, keeping the live show to occasional festival appearances.

After some very successful reunions, the band stormed back strong in 2014 with self released STARK RAVING MAD. Original singer Gary Golwitzer was welcomed back in early 2015, and WRATH toured Europe for the first time ever, embarking on a solid run of metal festivals based in Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium.

In 2017, the definitive WRATH lineup of Golwitzer, Gary Modica, Scott Nyquist, Rob Noon and Jake Fromkin re-discovered unreleased material, some of which was to be the follow up to 90’s Insane Society. Re-envisioned and ready for proper release, the new recording is aptly titled RAGE.

Following the recent announcement from EMP Label Group (Dave Ellefson – Megadeth, Thom Hazeart) that COMBAT RECORDS would be resurrected as a thrash metal affiliate, WRATH officially signed with COMBAT, announcing a 2018 release!