Voodoo Terror Tribe
Voodoo Terror Tribe

Voodoo Terror Tribe have signed to EMP Label Group (owned by the prestigious David Ellefson of Megadeth and run by the great A&R Director Thom Hazaert) and released their new full length album 'The Sun Shining Cold' (produced by Ill Niño vocalist Christian Machado) in Jan 2018. And the band is pleased to reveal the music video for their new single 'City of Sixes', which was premiered at Loudwire.

The music video for 'City of Sixes&' is directed by Scott Hansen (Motionless in White, A Day To Remember, We Came As Romans, Ill Nino, Animals as Leaders, Upon A Burning Body).

Guitarist EMiR states, “This new video is a camp-commentary on modern society, showing Voodoo Terror Tribe as something like 'bladerunners'; masquerading as musicians to snuff out a club full of party-goers for being 'just too modern'.”

Then, the band teamed up with Revolver Magazine to premiere another new song, 'No Hell Like Home', that immediately hits the ground running with gritty rock riffs and lures you in with soulful vocals and a hook you can't help but sing along to. Listen here

Vocalist Gil PZ says, “'No Hell Like Home' is a song written backwards; starting with the title, then music, then words, which ends up being about rejection of what you were brought up to believe, and escaping where you came from, preferably in the most depraved way possible.'”

Finally the band revealed a third track, entitled 'Cell' (featuring guest vocals by The Sun Shining Cold producer Cristian Machado of Ill Niño), via a brand new lyric video. Take a look here, exclusively via Loudwire.

Bassist Primer states, “'Cell' is a song we've been kicking around for a while; a brainchild of our bassist Primer. It wasn't until entering the studio with our producer Cristian Machado that the song finally fleshed out into the monster it became: a guttural/melodic/schizophrenic exchange of words between an insane girl and what are either her captors, or simply the demons in her head. And an analogy of the fact that working with the Machado-nado drove us *bleeping* bat-shit crazy.”

Cristian Machado adds, “'Cell' is a metal maze, you know what you're in for when you're inside but you won't figure out any of the turns upon first observation. Each part in the arrangement truly speaks on its own. The song as a whole is anthemic, the riffs are crushing, the lyrics are romantically obscene, and the stench of old school metal vibe is everywhere. I remember experimenting endlessly with the chord progression for the chorus. It is not easy adding unforced melody into such a metallic composition but, if you're not pushing walls you're a prisoner to them and I am so grateful to work with bands that truly want their own spin. VTT & Cell, I love this song, I love this album, it's unlike anything out there.”

And finally the new music film 'Lady in the Wall' is here, which is another concept music video telling a twisted tale about a Lady of status in a lunatic asylum getting killed (or is she?) by the lunatics and then the same lunatics taking over the asylum, but getting haunted the same Lady Wall, as an outside professor trying to restore the situation and order in the asylum...

The Sun Shining Cold promises to be VOODOO TERROR TRIBE's most sonically advanced offering yet! Producer Christian Machado recognized the raw talent within the band and knew they had something special to offer to the rock scene. “This album is possibly one of the best metal albums I've ever been a part of,” states Machado. “You don't always get to work with such talented musicians who just so happen to be mature and dedicated to bringing something fresh to the evolution of the genre. I comfortably refer to them as 'haunted metal' but in all honesty they are a new breed of metal yet to be heard under this style and context. In my heart of hearts, I truly believe they are here to contribute an impressive approach and styling to the evolution of metal.”

Erkal adds, “This is an album full of surprises, with heavy guitars and crushing drums, but yet melodic and catchy tunes with layers of haunted, mysterious, electronic and industrial sounds, with mainly dark, twisted concepts, where we're at a post-apocalyptic, decaying life, with still hopes to prevail and for the sun to shine hot again… I can proudly say that without a doubt this is the best work that we, as VOODOO TERROR TRIBE, have ever done!”